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The Path Toward our UU Spiritual Depth

Most people have to parcel out their time– work, family, recreation, and church. So, we need to be clear about what we are inviting people to do. And we want to be excellent at what we offer. So, we’re going to do fewer things, but with greater quality.And we’re going to be realistic about what we ask people to do.

As mentioned in a previous post, most people will only go to two things at church. For us, that’s (1) Sunday Service; and, (2) Growth Groups– our adult faith formation.

But those two “asks” are part of a larger strategy toward our plan for UU spiritual depth (note that this is our plan, you may have a different one, and that’s just fine).

The path toward spiritual depth, at our church, can be summed up in three simple words:

Connect, Grow, Serve.

What does that mean?


  1. Show up on Sundays
  2. Be curious & open minded
  3. make a connection to those around you,

Grow: Our Growth Groups, which

  1. encourage you to a spiritual challenge
  2. support you when you falter & cheer you on when you thrive;
  3. are a tribe where you are truly known, and where you can truly know others.


  1. participate in a Core Ministry of the church
  2. rise to the challenge of ongoing charitable depth.

So, first: Connect. Come to these Sunday services. Next: Grow. Pick & try out a growth group. And, serve. Look for opportunities to live out your faith in & through our church.

 Connect, Grow, Serve: it’s How We Do Church Now.

It is a simpler, more straightforward way to talk about what we are already doing. It makes it much easier for newcomers & old-timers alike to understand our process toward spiritual depth. It means we can identify where people are in their spiritual journey, and encourage them to move to the next step.

Do you have an easily understood and verbalized process for UU spiritual faith formation? Can you put it into 140 characters or less and have it be memorized by your elementary aged children?